You may make your IRA contribution for 2013, until April 15th, 2014, up to a total of $5,500 per person (if you are age 50, or over, you can contribute an additional $1,000 per person)!!!  REMEMBER:  A contribution to a Roth IRA is always nondeductible.  But, if you’ve been in the Roth for more than 5 years and are over 59 ˝ you can withdraw from it INCOME TAX FREE!!!

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  • Compared to what I’m earning now, once I reach retirement, how much will I need to earn then to maintain the same standard of living as I do now?
  • What is a Roth IRA and how does it differ from a Traditional IRA?
  • How much do I need to be saving now, per month, in order to meet my goal?  Can I save this much in a Roth IRA or a Traditional IRA?
  • What’s wrong with carrying debt as long as I can afford to make the payments?
  • How can I know what kind of insurance to purchase?  Am I being burned now with my premium payments?


The Glaze Group is dedicated to helping families and businesses find the information they need to help them make the financial decisions that only they can make for themselves and providing an easy means of helping them accomplish their goals.  This website is designed for someone who is primarily seeking information about retirement planning, understanding what an IRA and other retirement plans are, and related issues.  You will find the sections describing things other than retirement plans are actually essential "building blocks" for understanding how to make your retirement plan work for you.  Please, browse the entire website. The following links will return soon.
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