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Georgia, GA, approved prelicensing for Life & Health Insurance Agent License

"Thank you for inquiring about our prelicensing.  This course is approved by the Georgia Insurance Department, taught by approved instructors, and is in compliance with all department rules!  The best preparation for agent's license in GA." - Wes Glaze, President

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40 Hour Pre-Licensing for Life & Health
This course prepares you to receive either your Georgia Life Insurance agent license, Georgia Health Insurance agent license, or both.
This 40 hour prelicensing course is required by the state of Georgia for all prospective resident Life, Accident & Sickness insurance agents.  It is pre-requisite for taking the state insurance agent license exam, administered by Pearson VUE.
Tuition:  $190
Manual: $50
You MUST have a  CURRENT manual for class.
Class Manual below!

We currently are only scheduling classes directly with agencies, rather than with the general public.
If you represent an agency and would like more information about scheduling a class at your location

We are Very Thankful!
Since beginning our classes early in 2002, when our students follow through and study as instructed, we've enjoyed an overall
98% Success Rate with our students taking and passing their required Georgia exam on their

Student Comments
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Variable Products Course

8 Hour Course
(One Day Class)

Tuition: $170
Includes Manual

This state required pre-licensing course includes both
Variable Life &
Variable Annuities
(called Variable Contracts License
in some states)

To obtain your Georgia Variable Product Agent Insurance License (Variable Contracts License) you must attend this 8 hour prelicensing course.

Variable Products
Class Dates

Class Manual:  Everyone attending the course must have a CURRENT edition of the course manual.  We have a new class manual effective 3/4/2013. If you have a manual from a previous class member, it is no longer valid.

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What do we mean by Advanced Insurance Education?  Our goal is to become the Number One rated Georgia approved pre-licensing school in regards to students passing their required exams on their first attempt, and to become the most sought after pre-licensing school in the state!  We want to help our students become professional, productive insurance licensed agents as quickly as possiblePassing your exam on the first attempt, receiving your insurance agent license quickly, and becoming quickly productive are concepts that both students AND general agencies appreciate!!!  We do the job right, just listen to our students:  Student Comments

Class Location - Your Place!

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FORM OF PAYMENT FOR PRE-LICENSING CLASS:  Payment is DUE WITH YOUR ENROLLMENT APPLICATION in order to reserve your seat.  Your seat is not reserved until payment is received by us.  You may enroll all the way up until your selected class date, as long as there is a seat available in that class.  Of course, the later you wait to enroll, the more likely the class will not be available to you.  The deadline for any refund in cases of non-attendance is one week PRIOR to the class session.   No refund will be available for non-attendance after that date.  However, if you do have a last minute emergency and find that you will be unable to attend class, you will be allowed to attend any of the regularly scheduled classes that are offered during the 3 calendar months following the month in which you were first scheduled, simply by re-scheduling with us.  We want to do everything we can to help you pass your state exam on your first attempt!

If you pay by electronic check authorization, you must indicate on your enrollment form whether your check is from a personal account or a business accountAnyone whose check bounces (returned NSF) will be charged a $35 fee to cover our expenses of your bounced check.  Plus, you will be charged any related miscellaneous expenses if sufficient funds are not available in your account to cover the $35 fee.  If your check returns as NSF, you give us permission to debit your account to recover all fees and payments until they've been received.

"I UNDERSTAND THAT ALMOST EVERYONE WHO HAS BEEN THROUGH YOUR CLASS HAS PASSED THEIR STATE EXAM ON THEIR FIRST ATTEMPT!  BUT, WHAT IF I'M ONE OF THE VERY FEW WHO DOES NOT PASS ON MY FIRST ATTEMPT?"  --  With proper study and preparation, you should pass your state insurance agent exam on the first occasion after completing our prelicensing course.  However, should you not pass your state exam on the first attempt, you will be allowed to audit our course again, if you desire, at no additional charge, as long as you audit the course within 3 months following the calendar month in which you first take the class.  We want to do everything we can to help you succeed!

Online Course
Not offered. We want you to PASS!

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Georgia approved Prelicensing for Life & Health Insurance Agent License
GA approved Pre-Licensing for Life & Health Insurance Agent License